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Your New Betting Forums List

Sports are loved by billions around the world, and we love to watch the top professionals in the game commence battle. Even more than that, we think we know best about the results, who will win and make a difference in a defining moment. Therefore because we have this knowledge, we might as well bet and make some money, right? With that in mind, we have compiled a new betting forums list, just for you.

Whatever game you love to play, watch and listen to, each one evokes the key passions within us as humans. They bring out the best qualities to let us shine as individuals and collectively. We cheer on our favourite team because it’s something we love and admire.

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Why Do You Need A New Betting Forums List?

Whether you love basketball, football, hockey, cricket, rugby or tennis, there are so many sports that we can follow and make bets on. Now because of the online saturation of betting websites, there are a plethora of places we can make a killing.

You think you know who will win the game, and want to make some money off of it. It seems a logical output, but sports are so unpredictable. On any day, a team can win and so many other factors come into play. Desire, determination, hard work and technique are just a few qualities the top athletes possess.

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What you need as a better is a list of forums where you can discuss the latest matches, meet new people and form strong communities based on your sporting heroes. Whether you love the NBA or follow the English Premier League, there’s a forum for everyone. So here it goes…

  1. Therxforum
  2. Everyedge forums
  3. Twoplustwo
  4. Sportsbookreview forum
  5. Twoplustwo forums
  6. Therxforum
  7. Cappersmall forum
  8. Everyedge forums
  9. Asianbookie forum

Some More Great Examples

These are just some examples of places you can discuss the current odds, tips and anything other information you may wish to chat about in 2020. This year plans to be a big one for a new sports. For example, the Olympics takes place in Tokyo this summer.

Meanwhile, the European Championship takes place for the first time in football across 12 European cities. Therefore, these lists will help you find the latest you want to know to make a decent bet. Here are some more for your pleasure:

  1. Betfair trading forums
  2. UK betting forums
  3. Football betting forums
  4. Tennis (ATP, WTA) forums

Join some of the key forums for British sports, with football tips on popular betting websites like Betfair a favourite among a variety of players. Whether you like to bet for a last-minute goal or two red cards, the odds are surprisingly good.

However, if you are more of an American sports fan, who doesn’t love a bet on the latest sports in the United States. The NBA season has reached the midway point, with the trade coming up soon. Who will the LA Lakers purchase to maintain their strong start? You can also bet on who will feature in the upcoming All-Star Weekend, or even the European NBA game in Paris this January.Not a fan of the NBA? No problem, there are NHL and MLB forums too!

Multi-Sport Forum

Likewise, you can join an all-round forum. At, you can find up to date discussions on a number of events and sports, including odds on the NFL, FIFA World Cup and so many other teams and players. It has over 5 million traffic views per month, which is growing daily!

Alternatively, if you prefer to bet on traditional casino games, head over to On this website, you can find the latest forums where players discuss strategy on the latest Poker titles.

This website has over two million viewers and counting! Not to mention the sports coverage too from so many fans! Likewise, there are also a variety of other websites to get the best an awesome new bettings forum list. Check out the following below:


Any one of these websites get major views, and you can make so many new friends there to discuss the latest and greatest in the game.