UKGC Regulated Casinos

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Understanding UKGC Regulated Casinos

For such a small island, the UK needs a lot of different industries to band together for the greater good. In the world of online betting, multiple governing parties take it upon themselves to ensure parity and fairness for all its players. Therefore the UKGC regulated casinos are a must.

Just like in any industry, laws are in place to protect the citizens or individuals who use that service. The gambling industry is no different, so rules are in place to protect the rights of players. Whether this is making sure they have set limits to spend, knowing when to stop and how to deposit payments are all covered areas.

Slots and Games Regulators

The job of the UKGC regulated casinos is to listen to the letter of the law set out by the Gambling Commission. Then it is their job as an establishment to follow those rules strictly. After, ensuring a level playing field for all customers and offering a top-notch service is vital.

If no rules were in place, there would be chaos. The 2005 Gambling Act in Great Britain helps to prevent this. The point of this law passing in parliament was to create a meaningful partnership. Sponsored by the Department for Culture Media and Sports, nearly 200 staff run a tight ship across multiple offices.

To help with costs, some businesses run tax-havens outside of the UK to save money. Predominantly, the money granted by organisations and financial backers who believe in the movement.

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What Constitutes UKGC Regulated Casinos

Whether the casino is UK based or elsewhere, a license from the UK is a necessity. Not having one would be breaking the law and follow with severe punishment. The reason for this is to supply gambling software, or utilise operations surrounding this purpose.

Several different sectors of gambling cover this broad spectrum. For instance, sports betting, casinos and lotteries are just a few examples that need heavy regulating. This is for the sole purpose of protecting every player.

For example, licenses run on sections such as personal management license and monitored accordingly. Protecting minors from tempting gambling advertisements was an important step. In 2017, how you could market your product changed dramatically. Therefore, you can no longer use images and videos depicting cartoons, animals or anything child-related.

UKGC Regulated Casinos

This was a welcome change for an industry that sometimes stepped over the moral boundary towards under-aged gamblers. Also, information that can be misleading must be stopped. Therefore, including words like ‘free’ where it is not have been stripped from use.

Data Protection

We all know about this subject in Europe. After the stringent laws brought in by GDPR, the gambling authorities followed suit. From May 2019 (7th), addresses, names of players both old and new, plus date of birth will need verification. Each UK casino which is properly licensed needs to follow these rules.

This applies to any desposits, free to access games and betting with real money or bonuses. Whether you’re a software giant like NetEnt or an operator holding a license, you must follow another set of rules. These include transactions that are displayed, plus the information of customer accounts.

To prevent cheating and fraud, fair results must be the deciding factor for UKGC regulated casinos. Bank transactions and the transfer of sensitive data require urgent attention.