New 2020 Gambling Games

New 2020 Gambling Games | Read Our Take on New Gambling Games

Brilliant New 2020 Gambling Games

When you love computer gaming on consoles like Xbox and Playstation but fancy a change, there’s always casinos. When you combine the two it’s a winning formula. Therefore, we are very excited about new 2020 gambling games coming out.

Plenty of Games 2020

While card games such as poker and slots remain highly popular, it’s always interesting to find out about new games with a specific theme. People love playing console games because of the immersive character and story lines. This is great to admire when playing casino titles of a similar nature.

New 2020 Gambling Games for the Ages

For example, players in the casino world also love slots themes for musical versions such as Guns N Roses or film spins like Jurassic Park. The next level of gaming involves the biggest titles from Xbox and Playstation. So let’s look through them and why we are bouncing around the room in anticipation in 2020, especially these lot who commented on this page here.

For a game with an exciting difference, we will look at the first three games that spring to mind this year that we can’t wait to test out. They range from shooting style games to titles with actual movie stars.

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Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Coming in at number three is Ori and the Will of the Wisps. This is an adventure game like no other, taking you to an enchanted world of mystery and amazement.

With stunning graphics, you will be whisked away to a different universe.
If you played the first version, this one has a similar edge, but with a twist. On this brand new title, new gambling 2020 games offer you a treat you can’t pass up. Considering the exciting characters and challenging puzzles, the level of detail will take your breathe away.

This game is a beautiful remake and will leave you wanting more each time you play, while the version will be available on PC and Xbox for the avid console gamers too. In this second edition, you’ll play the part of a spirit – a white guardian like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings. Hopping between levels, there are so many interesting developments in Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

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Halo Infinite

The mother of all classics, in 2020 Halo Infinite comes to your screens. Taking the time to mix things up from your favourite Baccarat game, this modern spin on the Halo titles will astound you.

In a partnership with developers 343, Microsoft brings back the best in the business for next-world genre gameplay. Released in a similar fashion to Scarlett, Microsoft has told the public this version will be like nothing seen before.

Looking to target a new generation of gamers, Infinite could be a massive addition in the new decade. Let’s hope it lives up to the initial hype and promises to be the game for the next year. What we loved about the old versions was the level of detail that went into it. Therefore, if we can find something new but in the same mold, it would be perfect.

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Cyberpunk 2077

The top game on everybody’s lips that we can’t wait to test is Cyberpunk 2077. New 2020 gambling games promise to be the best yet, and we think this is the reason why. With thousands of people searching for it on Google daily, plenty is excited about its release.

With the same producer as the Witcher 3, even Matrix film star and legendary actor Keanu Reeves is making an appearance, as lead gaming character Johnny Silverhand. Exciting times ahead for gamers when you think about these three titles, we can’t wait!